Our Purpose

We seek to help the pets we love live their longest and healthiest lives by providing the same quality found in the highest standards of human food.

This dedication to the highest quality ingredients and production standards means that you are providing your pet the best quality food available. That to us is Humankindness.

Our inspiration

Due to a long history of heart disease our family learned at an early age that the food we eat is linked to our health & well-being.

It seemed obvious that the same would be true for our dog Cleo. Realizing how difficult it was to find food that fit our standards (and busy lifestyle) we set out to create a recipe with natural, healthy whole foods and no hidden ingredients that adhered to human food standards. It took more than 3 years but with the help of veterinarians, nutritionists, and industry experts, we now proudly present a 100% human quality food that dogs love.

our experts

We appreciate the help that these leaders in their respective fields provided in developing Humankind® and for their feedback on our product to help insure that we are delivering the best in quality nutrition for the pets we love.

Rebecca Remillard

PhD, DVM, DACVN & Leading Nutrition Authority

Kate Knutson

DVM, Chair of the Pet Nutrition Alliance

Jean Hofve

DVM, Holistic Veterinarian & Author

Steve Brown

Author of Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet and co-author of See Spot Live Longer

Karen Becker

DVM, Proactive Veterinarian

Dr. Becker Explains Why Human Quality Matters

Nutrition is our first defense against disease.

- Kate Knutson

Good nutrition is essential to a long and healthy life.

- Jean Hofve

Humankind has been a labor of love.

- Steve Brown

100% Human Quality food is a much better source of whole, natural nutrition than traditional pet food.

- Karen Becker